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In honor of all the men and women who have served and sacrificed for the freedom of millions of Americans, a grateful nation salutes you. #VeteransDay2018

This past year a number of people who worked for the PAGOP had an impact on our success here in Westmoreland. The first and most obvious person to thank is Hempfield's very own Penelope Fjellanger.

As a Field Organizer, Penny spent 60-70 hours a week for the last six months in the office at HQ organizing volunteers to make calls and knock on doors. She's the main reason we enjoyed extended office hours to allow people to pick up signs and she helped prep supplies for the next event. She also always knew what was going on across the state and she spent a lot of time training our people on the new technology we used this year. Thank you Penny!

A quick shout out to all the PAGOP staff who helped the WCRC along the way, including Emily Greene, Wyatt Metzgar, Bob Byers, and the upper echelon of the PAGOP staff. Each of them carried the torch at some point this past year to keep things moving.

These positions are some of the most demanding political positions out there, including candidate staffers! I hope each of you enjoy some time off after this election and are replenished for next year!

Thank you all!



The Statewide Elections on Tuesday here in PA were a little rough, but we had great success right here in Westmoreland!

The Westmoreland County Republican Committee would like to congratulate all of the victors, starting with Guy Reschenthaler and Dr. John Joyce for Congress, who both won by massive margins throughout Westmoreland and will be seated as Congressmen!

State Senator Pat Stefano won re-election along with State Reps George Dunbar, Friends For Justin Walsh, Mike Reese, Eric Nelson, and Ryan Warner! Bob Brooks for PA Rep picked up a big win in the open 54th.

A special shout out to Josh Nulph, the youngest candidate ever for state house. While it didn't go in his favor, he knocked on 17,000 doors and ran a great campaign against an entrenched Dem.

Wagner hit 52% and Barletta 54.4% across the county, which is good compared to the overall results statewide.

There were 48,035 straight Republican votes to 31,741 straight Democrat votes. That's a staggering number and more than half the people who voted (146,958), voted straight party. Turnout was also higher than the state's average. Our voters were engaged!

These numbers are a good sign for next year's county races. Those races start now!

I'd like to personally thank all of the members and friends of the Westmoreland County Republican Committee for their hard work this election. A big thank you to my leadership team of Vice Chairman Scott Ellis, Treasurer Bill Bretz, Secretary Rosina Marie Albanese, Communications Director Michael J. DaPos, Solicitor John Hauser, and Past Chairman Michael T. Korns, for all your dedication and advice, and to all the District Chairs and State Committee members for your leadership and organizational skills.

There are so many more people who helped, donated, made phone calls, knocked on doors, or worked a booth, and made this a great year and I wish I could name them all!

Last but not least, I want to thank the candidates – our statewide candidates poured their time, talent, and treasure into every county with their message of limited government, economic freedom, and putting America First. Our local candidates did the same and will represent our values in Harrisburg well. Good luck for the next four years with Wolf in office and please continue to fight for us!

God Bless,

Kerry Jobe
Westmoreland County Republican Committee


Westmoreland voter turnout reaches nearly 60 percent
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